Private Lessons

This offers the one-on-one instruction/coaching that many students find the most helpful, informative and personal. Video is used during most lessons at no charge.

30 minutes $55
60 minutes $100

Series of Lessons

The series is for the golfer who wants to get the most from their game. You'll have two choices to pick from: 6 half-hour lessons or 5 one-hour lessons. Choose the option that best suits your needs. If you're looking for a well rounded golf education, then the series is for you.

6 one-hour lessons $550 - (reflects $50 savings)
10 one-hour lessons $900 - (reflects $100 savings)

Playing Lesson

A playing lesson is very helpful in teaching a variety of on-course techniques geared at lowering your scores. While playing 9 holes, we discuss course management strategy, how to read greens, choosing the shot with the highest percentage of success and just about anything else that happens during a round of golf. After the lesson you'll be on your way to becoming a more complete golfer!

Call for pricing

Short Game Clinics

The fastest way to lower your scores is with a good short game! This clinic covers chipping, pitching and putting. These shots inside of 100 yards account for 65% of your score.

The class is 2 hours in length. The cost is $80 per person.

Semi-Private Lessons

This option works best if you and a couple of your friends want to learn together. This lesson is 1 hour in length.

2 students $50 each
3 students $40 each
4 students $35 each

Bowes Creek


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Great Clinics Coming Your Way!

Just Learning???

This clinic is all about giving the new golfer a well-rounded education of the fundamentals. The class meets once a week for two consecutive weeks. Each class is 1.5 hours in length. Please contact John for future dates and times.   (Read More)

Short Game Clinics

This class covers chipping, pitching (30 - 90 yards) and putting. These shots account for 65% of your score! Please contact John for future dates and times.  (Read More)

Golf Program Schedule

My lesson availability is Monday through Sunday.

I currently have several Short-Game Clinics and Just Learning Series classes scheduled. Please contact me if you'd like more information.  Hope to see you at Bowes Creek very soon!